Have a question about the order of the Isle of Elsi stories and where they were collected? Check out the Isle of Elsi Continuity Chart!

The way in which Isle of Elsi stories are released is as follows:
  1. Webcomic - Each page of a new story is posted once a week (on Thursdays) at www.isleofelsi.com You can also read the complete archive of pages on the site!
  2. Floppy Comic Book - Once I have between 24-48 finished pages, I collect them into issues of a full-color floppy comic book called Isle of Elsi Adventures, which is released 1-2 times a year. 
  3. Hardback Books - Once I have three full stories done (usually one long story, and two short stories) I reprint them in a 200-300 page hardback book. These come out every 3-4 years.